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 What is Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium ceramics, developed in recent years to meet increasing aesthetic expectations, are a white alloy used instead of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crown ?

Since the light transmittance of zirconium dental crowns are higher than metal-supported crowns, it does not create a dark color on the gums and you will not encounter problems such as black color reflection from the gum edge in the future, which is possible in metal-coated porcelain teeth. In addition, thanks to the ability of zirconium to transmit light, the dull appearance that may occur on the teeth disappears and a healthier, more transparent and more natural appearance is achieved, as the teeth take on an appearance closest to their original state. Zirconium coating has an aesthetic and natural appearance


In addition to providing health benefits, it is also important for your gum health. Because zirconium dental coatings are more compatible with the gums and the likelihood of gum disease in the gums around zirconium dental coatings is lower than metal-supported dental coatings.

How to Apply Zirconium Crown ?

Zirconium treatment is applied similarly to other dental coating treatments you know. The most decisive difference between dental veneer treatments is, of course, the type of material used for the veneer. Just like in metal-supported veneers, before applying zirconium dental treatment, minor corrections and adjustments are made on the teeth to be veneered. With these corrections, the tooth is generally reduced in size and given a form that allows the crown to sit on it exactly. Zirconium coating, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, is produced using CAD/CAM technology in a laboratory environment, according to the mouth and tooth structure that is specifically measured. The porcelain superstructure is processed onto the zirconium substructure, which is produced in a color suitable for the tooth, and is ensured to match the tooth in the clinical environment. In the final stage, it is bonded to the tooth with the help of special dental veneer adhesives and integrated permanently.

How compatible is Zirconium Crown with gums?

Zirconium is a material compatible with dental tissue. Bruise-like discoloration in the neck area of the tooth and gums, which is seen in metal-supported dentures, is never seen and does not cause gum recession. If the gums recede due to reasons such as improper brushing, it will not create a bad aesthetic appearance.

Can Zirconium Crown be applied to those who are allergic to metal?

Since there is no metal used as standard in the structure of zirconium coating, it does not cause allergies.

Does Zirconium Coating cause bad breath?

Since it does not contain metal, it is not possible for it to change taste or cause odor.


How should Zirconium Crown be maintained?

Zirconium crowns are brushed just like brushing normal teeth. With regular medical check-ups every 6 months, problems that may occur are anticipated and precautions are taken for these problems.

You can contact White Dental Clinic for detailed information about the zirconium crown process in Diyarbakır.

How long does Zirconium Coating take to be done?

This application is completed in 1 week for people with problem-free gums. It can be continued with a few rehearsals depending on the person's liking or until the doctor and patient are satisfied.

Is Zirconium Crown an expensive application?

This application is completed in 1 week for people with problem-free gums. It can be continued with a few rehearsals depending on the person's liking or until the doctor and patient are satisfied.

Who can do Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium coating can be applied at any age, following the eruption of permanent teeth. However, it is not recommended for those who are in the developmental period until the age of 18-20 and as gaps will be observed as a result of the growth of the jaw.

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