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Diyarbakir Teeth Whitening

White Dental Clinic : Your teeth will have a white and healthy appearance with our Diyarbakır teeth whitening service!

It is a solution applied to lighten the color of teeth that have changed color and yellowed for various reasons by a few personalized shades. It is the process of removing discolorations that occur in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer). The mechanism of the whitening process is an oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances used release oxygen. The substances that cause discoloration in the teeth are replaced by colorless substances and whitening occurs.

Diyarbakır-Teeth Whitening

How is Teeth Whitening treatment applied?

There are two types of treatment methods to choose from. The first of these is the method that gives faster results in your dentist's office (Office bleaching), and the other is the method that you can apply yourself at home (Home bleaching).

  • Office Type Bleaching

Office whitening is the most effective method among all whitening systems. Since the peroxide rates of the whitening agents used in the whitening process performed during the examination are higher, the whitening is faster and its permanence is longer. Before the teeth whitening process is applied; To get a more effective result, the patient must be cleaned before whitening. Before and after the sessions, photographs are taken from the patient and color determination is made. The number of sessions to be applied is generally 2 or 3 and varies depending on the discoloration of the teeth. Since we do not want the gums to be damaged before the procedure, they are covered with a protective barrier and then whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth in 2 or 3 periods of approximately 20 minutes. Between sessions, the patient is asked to stay away from coloring foods (tea, coffee, wine, etc.) and minimize smoking. Sensitivities may occur between whitening sessions, but; These sensitivities are eliminated with the desensitizing toothpastes to be used.

  • Home Bleaching

In the whitening system, which we call home type, the color is determined and a transparent plaque suitable for the patient is produced, thanks to the measurement taken from the patient before the treatment. In home teeth whitening, whitening agents containing a lower percentage of "Carbamide Peroxide" are used. The tubes containing the prepared transparent plaque and whitening agent are given to the patient and the physician explains how to apply them to the teeth. The patient applies the medication twice a day for 2 weeks or only at night for 1-2 weeks, in accordance with the dentist's recommendations. How the treatment is going is monitored with weekly checks and necessary changes are made. The dentist and the patient should decide together which method of whitening will be applied to the patient.


What should I pay attention to after whitening treatment?

Whitening treatment should be started after the gums and surrounding tissues such as tongue and lips are carefully protected. Correct adjustment of the concentration of the drug used and the duration of use (bleaching gels contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in different proportions).

Patients may sometimes complain of slight sensitivity during or after the teeth whitening process, but this sensitivity will disappear completely within 1 to 3 days. The important thing is to follow the steps required by the treatment completely and correctly. Teeth whitening is a harmless and very effective method when performed by dentists.


Is teeth whitening harmful?

Research has shown that there is no harm in the solution whitening method. There was no permanent damage to the teeth after teeth whitening. The amount of various medications used to whiten teeth and when to use them are matters that must be determined with your dentist. Medications that are not used without consulting a dentist or in the prescribed amount and frequency may damage your teeth.

Are there any side effects of teeth whitening?

Gels used in teeth whitening may cause more or less sensitivity in people. This sensitivity to the weather and cold and hot drinks may cause discomfort to people. This discomfort is an expected result of the procedure. Sensitivity is expected to disappear within 48 hours.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

The result of the whitening process varies depending on the person's tooth structure and remains constant for approximately 6 months to 2 years. Of course, this period also depends on the person himself. Substances that stain teeth should be avoided for at least two weeks during and after whitening.

How much does teeth whitening cost?


Although there is generally no fixed price for teeth whitening, the average price change at Diyarbakır White Dental Clinic is between 500 TL and 2000 TL. Prices may vary for each procedure. Since teeth whitening is your choice, it is not covered by any government agency.

How white will my teeth become after teeth whitening?

How much whiter your teeth will actually vary. Just 2 or 3 shades of lightening will create a dramatic change in your smile. There is no standard system for how much tooth color is lightened.

You can contact White Dental Clinic to get detailed information about the private dental clinic teeth whitening process in Diyarbakır.

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