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PEDODONTIS - Pediatric Dentist

Diyarbakir Pediatric Dentist

Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) is a department that aims to protect the healthy milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-13 and to eliminate the problems caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors in these teeth. Pedodontics is one of the branches of dentistry that monitors and treats children's oral and dental health and jaw-facial development from infancy onwards, and also includes preventive measures.


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Why is pedodontics important?

Having a strong and healthy oral and dental structure in adulthood is closely related to adequate and correct education at a young age. Acquiring habits regarding oral and dental health education begins at a very young age. Therefore, training on this subject should be given from an early age. Considering that education begins in the family, it is undeniable that it is an important necessity for pediatric dentists to be in constant communication with families .

What are the protective practices?

The most important aspect of pediatric dentistry is to take precautions to prevent dental problems and to prevent children's oral and dental health problems that may occur in the future. The procedures applied for this purpose are called preventive dentistry practices. For preventive practices to prevent tooth decay, great importance is given to educating the child and his family about oral and dental health and nutrition. Preventive dentistry applications include superficial fluoride and fissure sealant procedures.

What is fissure sealant - dental vaccine?

The coating applied to the uneven surfaces of the teeth, especially in order to prevent early decay of children's molars , is called fissure sealant. The procedure can also be applied to adults. However, it is mostly applied to children. The procedure is also known as dental grafting. It is sometimes called dental nail polish and protector. Even though brushing is done frequently, the bacteria in the grooves on the teeth are not always completely cleaned. This situation causes tooth decay in children over time. Thanks to fissure sealants applied on the teeth, bacteria are prevented from damaging the tooth.

How is fissure sealant applied?

The applied fissure sealant process is completed in a short time. Teeth are first cleaned using special materials. After the cleaning process, fissure sealant material is prepared. The prepared material is white or transparent in color. It is applied in liquid form. It is applied to the teeth to be treated one by one and carefully. After this process is completed, the applied fissure sealant material is hardened by shining a light on it.


What is fluoride application?

Fissure sealants and fluoride applications constitute the building blocks of preventive dentistry. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the water we drink, meat, tea and eggs. Fluoride provides the most effective protection for caries prevention mechanisms. Fluoride joins the structure of the tooth enamel, making the tooth structurally stronger and more resistant to decay. In the first 4 years when teeth begin to emerge into the oral environment, they are vulnerable to caries because the enamel of the teeth has not matured, and fluoride applications can make the structures stronger.

Can caries be prevented with fluoride application?

It has been determined that fluoride toothpastes play an effective role in preventing tooth decay. Caries can be greatly reduced in individuals in the high and medium caries risk groups with regular fluoride applications and good oral hygiene. It is reported that by using fluoride toothpaste regularly every day, there is a decrease of at least 20-40% in tooth decay. But even if fluoride is applied, the most important point is that your child maintains good oral hygiene. After the treatment and preventive treatments for cavities are performed, if your child maintains good oral hygiene, your child will be able to maintain his or her oral and dental health for many years. Of course, good follow-up is important in ensuring oral hygiene. Therefore, please do not miss the follow-up appointments made by your doctor.

How to overcome the fear of dentists in children?

In order to avoid fear of the dentist, it is very important for children to meet the pediatric dentist before they experience toothache. A playful blind date keeps the dental clinic from being a source of anxiety for the child. The effects of negative experiences that children have during their first dental treatment can cause them to fear dental treatments and dentists throughout their lives. To avoid such a situation, children should not be forced to undergo any treatment or application.

What is the importance of milk teeth?


There are 20 milk teeth in total. The first duty of these teeth is to ensure the nutrition of the child. It also affects the development of the child's speech. Milk teeth protect the space they cover for the permanent teeth that will replace them. When a milk tooth is extracted early, this placeholder function disappears.

Why do milk teeth decay more easily?

Milk teeth contain more organic matter compared to normal teeth and therefore can decay faster. Another factor that causes milk teeth to decay quickly is that children cannot notice the decay.

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