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Diyarbakir Root Canal Treatment

You can have your root canal treatment done safely at White Dental Clinic Diyarbakır!

Our tooth loses its vitality as a result of the loss of material in the decaying tooth reaching all the way to the pulp tissue. The tooth that loses its vitality becomes infected and begins to cause pain. Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning and disinfecting the pulp, which is this living tissue, and then filling it.
In what cases is root canal treatment performed?

  • Teeth that cause pain at night and do not let you sleep,

  • In large tooth fractures where the nerve is exposed,

  • Excessively worn and sensitive teeth,

  • Teeth that have lost their vitality after trauma or orthodontic treatment,

  • Teeth with dead nerves and discolored teeth,

  • Painful teeth that do not go away while eating,

  • Root canal treatment is applied to teeth with inflammation or abscess underneath.

Diyarbakır-Root Root Treatment

How make is root treatment?

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the small, thread-shaped tissue in the center of the tooth, that is, the pulp. When the damaged, diseased or dead pulp is removed, the remaining space is first cleaned and then refilled by shaping it into a tooth format. With this procedure, the root canal is closed. For many years, sick or damaged teeth had to be extracted, but today, even teeth that are about to be lost can be saved with root canal treatment.

Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?

This treatment method is a treatment performed under anesthesia, so it is not a painful procedure. However, in some very painful or infected teeth, antibiotic treatment may need to be started.


Does a root canal treated tooth hurt?

During the treatment, the living tissues of the tooth, namely its nerves, are removed, so a tooth with root canal treatment is not affected by external stimuli. There may be mild pain or tenderness when chewing for the first few weeks after treatment because the tooth, like every tissue in our body, needs time to heal.

What should be taken into consideration after root canal treatment?

If root canal treatment will be performed in more than one session, the relevant tooth should be avoided until the treatment is completed. Even if the root canal treatment is completely completed, you should not eat or drink anything for at least two hours after the procedure. Avoiding extremely hot and cold drinks will provide comfort to the patient as there may be sensitivity for a day or two. When it comes to oral health care, in addition to general care rules such as regular brushing, flossing and using an antiseptic mouthwash, it is also important to visit the dentist at regular intervals.

What is the lifespan of root canal treatment?

The only difference between a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment and your natural tooth is that it does not have nerves or vessels. A root canal treated tooth that is well applied and well cared for by the patient can remain in the mouth for a lifetime.

Thanks to new technologies and methods, the success rate of root canal treatment has reached almost 100%. It should not be forgotten that implants or porcelain bridges do not replace your own teeth; if your tooth can be saved with root canal treatment, it definitely deserves a chance.

Why does a root canal treated tooth break?

While it is possible to use a tooth with root canal treatment for a lifetime, it is also possible that it will break. Lack of nourishment of the tooth after the pulp inside is removed can also trigger this. Since the material loss is high, the possibility of breakage increases. If the tooth fracture is above the gum, the life of the tooth can be extended by crowning it. However, since it is not possible to treat teeth that are broken through the gum or are too small to be crowned, the remaining tooth is removed by surgical intervention, if necessary, depending on the location of the fracture, and a prosthetic tooth is made in its place. The best option is to apply a crown to the relevant tooth after root canal treatment.

What are the symptoms of failed root canal treatment?

Sometimes unsuccessful results and signs of infection may reoccur in teeth restored with root canal treatment. In such cases, if the infection continues to develop without treatment, it can potentially spread to other teeth in the area or cause disease in other parts of the body. So, what are the symptoms of unsuccessful root canal treatment? sensitivity to pressure, swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold, persistent pain, edema.

Diyarbakır-Root Root Treatment-Price

What is root canal treatment retreatment?

If the previous canal treatment fails for any reason, the canal treatment must be performed again. This process is called Retreatment.

We can briefly summarize the situations in which root canal treatment needs to be renewed as follows:

  • Situations where the old canal filling was not done well.

  • Situations where the filling or coating is delayed after the end of the root canal treatment and the canal becomes contaminated.

  • Situations where the restoration on the root canal treatment leaks and therefore the root canal treatment becomes infected.

  • Situations in which the existing lesion or cyst does not heal after previous treatment.

  • Situations in which the canal becomes re-infected due to new decay or fracture in the root canal treated tooth.

What is Flare Up?

Perhaps the most challenging part of endodontic retreatment cases is a possible flare up. During the renewal of poorly performed root canal treatments that do not cause any symptoms, the balance of microorganisms in the tooth changes. As a result of this balance change, the number of some microorganisms increases while the number of others decreases. Until the body adapts to this new microorganism balance, the tooth, which may not have any pain at all, responds such as pain, swelling and shaking. In some patients, swelling also occurs on the face. In the treatment of flare up, your dentist or endodontist must first intervene in the tooth. If he deems it necessary, he will prescribe antibiotics. It is very important to use these antibiotics regularly.

You can contact White Dental Clinic to get detailed information about the private dental clinic root canal treatment in Diyarbakır.

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