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Diyarbakır Implant Treatment

Your address for Diyarbakır implant treatment is White Dental Clinic. To have your implant treatment safely, contact us now and make your appointment!

Implants ; They are artificial tooth roots, which are the best alternative to your teeth, usually prepared from titanium or titanium compounds, in order to replace teeth missing in the mouth due to various reasons.

In case of missing teeth, healthy teeth can be replaced without the need to perform any operations on the adjacent teeth. Implants are made of titanium, which is an extremely durable, high-tech product that is accepted by body tissues. They are placed in an operation that takes about half an hour under local anesthesia.


Who can receive implant treatment?

Adults who have completed puberty, Those who do not have diseases that affect their general health, Those with diabetes, whose diabetes is under control and regulated, Those who have sufficient bone tissue in the area to be implanted (if bone tissue is insufficient, artificial bone can be used) There is no upper age limit for implantation.

What are the advantages of implant treatment?

  • It can be applied to healthy teeth without damaging them.

  • Extracted teeth in the very back parts of the mouth cause the patient to use removable dentures. In such cases, prostheses can also be applied, but since the prostheses are mobile and coarser, the difficulties of use are eliminated.

  • Since it can fully perform the chewing function, it allows people to eat whatever they want.

  • Compared to the usage time of other treatment methods, the lifespan of teeth made with implant treatment is very long.

  • An implant-supported restoration looks like a natural tooth

Is there pain in implant application?

With the application of anesthesia, the implant treatment is completed without pain. Any pain that may occur after the application can be relieved with an appropriate pain reliever. The pain felt in this treatment is as much as the pain experienced after a normal tooth extraction. After the implant is placed, healing occurs within 1-3 months. There will be no pain in the area performed with the correct technique during the healing period.

How long does it take to complete the implant application?


Duration of implant treatment; It may vary between 2 months and 6 months. The duration of implant treatment varies for each patient. Many factors affect the duration of implant treatment, such as the patient's response time to treatment, treatment planning, the number of teeth to be implanted, the implant treatment method and how well the patient follows the doctor's recommendations during this process.

How long is the implant lifespan?

The implant is made of titanium or its alloys. It is not affected by oral fluids and is designed to withstand the forces that will occur inside the mouth. Therefore, some dental implant manufacturers have begun to market implants with a lifetime warranty under certain conditions. However, today, the time that screw-retained teeth remain in the mouth in a healthy state may be shorter for different reasons. The question of how long the implant lasts depends on many factors. A person's general health and, more importantly, oral and dental health directly affect the duration. People who have had implants need to pay extreme attention to the care of their teeth. The more attention is paid to oral hygiene, the more dental implants will last. Dental impact disorders and other conditions affecting bone quality can significantly reduce implant life. Proper implant treatment with good planning is one of the most important reasons that increases the life of the implant. As a result, the more attention is paid to oral cleanliness, the longer-lasting implant treatment you will use.


Does implant application affect my daily life?

If it does not concern a very large area and the necessary hygiene rules are adhered to, you can usually go to work the next day and return to your daily life.

What should I pay attention to after implant treatment?

After implant surgery, it is important to apply cold to the relevant area at regular intervals, in line with your dentist's recommendation. This will prevent edema and swelling. You should use the medications prescribed by your doctor regularly and stop smoking and drinking alcohol to speed up recovery. During this period, your oral care should be very good.

Is the brand of the implant important?

There are many brands of implants on the market, but unfortunately not all of them are of the same quality. As an implant brand, it is beneficial to choose implant systems that attach importance to R&D studies, have long-term success, have no problems with technical support and offer sufficient options for the prosthetic superstructure.

Is implant treatment an expensive procedure?

The cost of this treatment is very important for patients. Even though the costs may seem high at first glance, it can be seen that it is not very costly considering that it has been used for many years and the conveniences it provides. Problems may occur in advanced stages of crown and bridge tooth construction. However, with good care in implant treatment, you can have teeth that will be used for a lifetime.

Should I pay attention to my nutrition after implant treatment?

You will need to pay attention to your nutrition during the post-implant healing process. First of all, you should start by consuming soft foods at room temperature. If necessary, your dentist may recommend you take vitamin and mineral supplements. Your dentist will tell you how long to avoid very hot and cold foods, depending on the surgical procedure performed and the materials used. To protect the stitches, you should avoid very hard or grainy foods.


Are all implants done in the same session?

This depends on the preference of the patient and then the physician. While some patients want to complete their treatment in short but multiple sessions, others prefer to complete the entire treatment in a single session. However, there is no harm in placing all implants in the same session if the physician deems it appropriate.

How long do implants last?

Just like our teeth, we can neglect our implants and lose them early, or we can use them for a lifetime by taking good care of them. The lifespan of the implant also depends on the patient's oral care and systemic diseases.

You can contact White Dental Clinic for detailed information about the private dental clinic dental implant procedure in Diyarbakır.

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