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Did you know that your teeth will be healthier with a balanced diet? Nutritional deficiency and/or imbalance can cause serious problems in oral and dental health, as well as various health problems. In particular, foods such as a single type of nutrition, pastries, chocolate, pastries, sweet biscuits, as well as carbonated drinks and ready-made fruit juices, not only pave the way for the obesity disease, but also negatively affect oral and dental health due to the high sugar content they contain. For example, breakfast should include foods such as eggs, milk, cheese and molasses, which have high nutritional value and play an important role in tooth development and protecting teeth from decay. Cheese, in particular, plays an important role in alkalizing the oral environment, which is acidic during meals, and in cleaning the teeth. Therefore, in cases where teeth cannot be brushed after breakfast, eating cheese last has a great effect on protecting against tooth decay. In addition, consuming fruits such as apples and carrots by biting them contributes to teeth cleaning and gum health.

Since ancient people ate hard foods, their teeth were cleaned naturally. Nowadays, with the development of the ready-made food industry, the consumption of such foods has also increased. These food items, such as biscuits, candy, chocolate and cola, which we always have at hand, are considered to be the main culprits of the increase in tooth decay today, as they are substances that stick to the teeth and form acids.

Which food items can we consider tooth-friendly?

Proteins are among the food items that are considered tooth-friendly. These substances, which constitute the basic building blocks of our body, are foods that must be consumed for dental health both during the development of teeth and after the teeth erupt.

In addition to its high protein content, cheese is a highly recommended food, especially after consuming sugary foods, due to its importance in dental health.

Peanuts are among the snack foods that are considered tooth-friendly due to the phosphate they contain.

Unrefined cereals (whole wheat brown bread instead of white flour bread) should be preferred for dental health.

In addition to all these, dentist check-ups every 6 months should not be missed.

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