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Diyarbakir Porcelain Veneer

You can have the smile you long for with aesthetic dentistry at White Dental Clinic Diyarbakır!

Missing parts of teeth or one or more missing teeth and related missing tissues are filled with appropriate materials in order to regain the structure, deterioration, loss and lost function, aesthetics, comfort and health due to various reasons. Dental prostheses are basically divided into two: fixed porcelain coating prostheses and removable prostheses.

Fixed Prostheses
Fixed prostheses are prostheses that are applied in case of missing teeth and are prepared in a laboratory environment by minimizing the supporting teeth and adhered to the teeth. Since its structure is fixed, the patient cannot remove or insert the prosthesis.
Removable Prostheses
These are appliances containing missing teeth that are used in the treatment of more missing teeth, and which the patient can easily put on and remove whenever he/she wishes.

What are the treatment options for fixed prostheses?

Metal-Based Restorations: In teeth that do not have sufficient dental tissue support and have material loss that cannot be restored with filling material, inlay, onlay restorations that include a part of the tooth or crown restoration can be performed by reducing the size of the entire tooth, depending on the extent of tissue loss. In cases where one or more teeth are missing, bridge prostheses are prostheses in which the teeth on both sides of the gap are reduced and used as support. Changes in people's social lives, advancing technology in dentistry and developments in prosthetic treatments have increased the aesthetic and functional expectations of patients and raised their living standards. Especially with the increase in aesthetic expectations, metal alloys used in infrastructure have been replaced by superior aesthetic and biocompatible materials.

Zirconium Restorations: They are highly resistant, biocompatible, durable and aesthetic restorations. The fact that zirconium oxide is a material close to natural tooth color and is at least as resistant to forces has made the use of zirconium ceramics in fixed and implant-supported prostheses widespread.

Emax Restorations: These are restorations with high aesthetic properties, made entirely of ceramics, with increased durability and very good light permeability, without the use of substructure materials such as metal or zirconium oxide.

Laminate Restorations: These are highly aesthetic restorations close to natural teeth obtained by bonding leaf-shaped porcelains obtained as a result of minimal abrasion of the tooth surface in order to treat the shape, color, form and size disorders in the teeth.

Total Prostheses: They are full dental prostheses and are removable prostheses applied to the lower or upper jaw due to reasons such as tooth decay and osteoporosis. Lip and cheek fullness is achieved with total dentures, helping the face to achieve a more youthful appearance. With this application, all teeth are aligned in the desired way and a very beautiful aesthetic smile is obtained.

While total dentures offer very comfortable use to people, they also help create aesthetic smiles after proper alignment.

Partial Dentures: You have some of your natural teeth; Removable dentures made in cases where some of them have been removed are called 'partial dentures'. Partial dentures are made either from acrylic or from a single piece of casting. This type of prostheses provide retention with clasp wires attached to the main teeth. Aesthetic prostheses with precision attachments can also be made for patients who think that the appearance of this wire is not aesthetic. They are popularly known as hooked prostheses.

Precision Anchored Dentures: It is a type of dental prosthesis applied in cases where there are many missing teeth and treatment cannot be done with fixed prostheses. It is also known as 'snap dentures' among the public due to its hidden retainers that fit into the slots prepared on the teeth.

Implant-Supported Removable Dentures: The most contemporary alternative to classical removable dentures is implant-supported removable dentures. This is especially the case for subtotal dentures. With the implant procedure, both the retention and stability of the prostheses increase. All local and systemic conditions must be suitable for the application of these prostheses, which are higher in cost. The prosthetic dentistry doctor will give you the necessary information after examining you.

What are the treatment options for removable prostheses?

removable dental prosthesis

You can contact White Dental Clinic, a private dental clinic in Diyarbakır, to get detailed information about the porcelain veneer process.

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