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Diyarbakir Dental Clinic

You can have your dental treatments painlessly at White Dental Clinic Diyarbakır Dental Clinic!

What is Digital Dentistry?

  Digital dentistry is the performance of procedures performed by classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart intraoral scanner and computer. In this way, maximum functional and aesthetic treatments can be performed.

What are the Advantages of Digital Dentistry?

diyarbakır digital dentistry

Digital dentistry provides many advantages in terms of oral and dental health applications. Both patients and our physicians have these advantages. The advantages of digital dentistry can be briefly listed as follows;
  • You can have a perfect smile in a short time.
  • It makes the sensitive and difficult process of the traditional measurement method more comfortable for patients.
  • It extends the life of the restoration made with equipment produced using new generation technologies.
  • Thanks to quality equipment, situations such as wear do not occur.
  • The error rate that may occur in laboratories is reduced to zero.
  • Each of the sensitive treatments such as implants is performed painlessly and perfectly.
  • It does not produce small errors in traditional measurements.


What is the Process of Taking Impressions in Digital Dentistry?

The process of taking oral measurements in digital dentistry consists of different stages. To talk about these stages;
  • Digital measurements are taken via an optical laser scanner and transferred to the computer.
  • After the measurement is converted into a 3D image, the appropriate treatment is determined by our physicians.
  • After the design phase is completed, other details are selected. This stage is called computer-generated manufacturing (CAD).
  • Then the production process is started with the computer system (CAM).
diyarbakır cad cam technology

What is CAD - CAM technology?

How to Design a Smile with Digital Dentistry?

During the examination of the patient;
  • Digital measurements of your teeth are taken with a 3D intraoral scanner.
  • Photos are taken at appropriate angles in the photo studio.
  • The patient is shown examples from the dental library and previous cases and the design that suits him/her is decided.
  • A digital smile design is made with the 3Shape intraoral scanner and the patient is presented with what the targeted smile design will look like after the treatment is completed.

What are the advantages of Smile Design?

diyarbakır digital smile design

You can contact White Dental Clinic to get detailed information about the private dental clinic digital dentistry in Diyarbakır.

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