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Diyarbakir Dental Filling

You can have your dental filling painlessly at White Dental Clinic Diyarbakır!

Filling treatment can be applied to teeth that are decayed, broken or cracked for any reason. Teeth that are deformed for various reasons can regain their former appearance with filling treatment . Dental filling is performed by applying different treatments depending on why the tooth is damaged and where the tooth is located. Quite different methods are used in terms of dental filling types .

What is amalgam dental filling?

Amalgam filling is among the types of dental fillings . Among the filler types, the old generation is known as both cheap and highly durable. It is a method that has been used in dental treatments for over a century. There is approximately fifty percent mercury in the filling. Apart from this, it also contains elements such as silver, copper and zinc. Amalgam fillings are resistant to food and have a lifespan of at least 5 years, depending on use.

What is composite dental filling?


Composite filling is a type of filling applied especially to the visible and front tooth parts of the tooth. There are two types. Depending on the situation, the patient's tooth is treated in one of two ways. Composite filling, which adapts to the tooth color, makes the tooth more durable. Its application can be completed not in one go, but in several times. It is a more expensive procedure compared to amalgam filling type.

In what cases is composite filling used?


How long is the lifespan of composite filling?

Is composite filling an expensive application?

Can I eat after filling?

Is dental filling a painful procedure?


You can contact White Dental Clinic to get detailed information about the private dental clinic dental filling procedure in Diyarbakır.

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